Installing Hyperview on an individual computer

Installing Hyperview on an individual computer

If you need to use Hyperview when you are not connected to the network (for example on a laptop offsite), you need to install the Hyperview mini-kit on your own PC or laptop. You do not need administrator privileges to install the Hyperview kit.

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the DBDOC Kits folder of the DBDOC installation DVD and double-click Hyperview_kit.exe.
    Information-noshadow.png Note: You can also find the Hyperview kit in the DBDOC\PROGRAMS\Hyperview subfolder of the DBDOC installation on your BuildPlus computer. You can also contact us to download the this kit via FTP, or download the latest version of DBDOC from our downloads page.
    Information-noshadow.png Note: If you are using Windows 2000, use Hyperview_W2K_kit.exe instead. However, the last fully supported update for Windows 2000 was version 10.4. If you need to run DBDOC on Windows 2000, please contact us for support.
  2. Copy the M14 files into the Data folder and keep them up to date.
  3. Create shortcuts to each of the M14 files to make it easy to launch DBDOC. Right-click on the shortcut you have created and select Properties. Under the Shortcut tab, insert the following:
    • Target: "C:\DBDOC\Hyperview\Programs\Hyperview_winsock.exe" "C:\DBDOC\Hyperview\data\*.m14"
    • Start in folder: "C:\DBDOC\Hyperview\Programs"

When you click on the shortcut, you will launch Hyperview locally, but it will use the path to CIUMon that is in the M14 file to get data. If you have VPN access to the CIUMon computer, you will be able to view live data.

To maintain your Hyperview installation:

  1. Copy the current M14 files from time to time
  2. Get updated version of the programs folder as needed.