Searching for a word or phrase

Searching for a word or phrase

On the Search Menu, click Full Text Search, or click the Tool search.jpg button on the toolbar.

Overview of Full Text Search

Bhv text search.png

Search for an arbitrary word or phrase, including wildcards.

Search options

The search specifics are virtually identical to those in desktop Hyperview. Please see Searching the system for a word or phrase for full details on the various search options, as well as information on search operators, wildcards, and handling of non-alphanumeric characters.

Search results

When you search for a word or phrase, all documents containing the word or phrase are listed in a Search Results pane (see Displaying the results of the last search). Within each document, all occurrences of the word or phrase are highlighted to stand out. Use the Next Highlight button Tool next highlight.jpg and the Previous Highlight Tool previous highlight.jpg button on the tool bar to step through all of the search hits in any document.

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