Launching Hyperview from a batch file

Launching Hyperview from a batch file

Some DBDOC administrators might want to run Hyperview from a batch file instead of a shortcut in order to make it harder for other users to change the command-line options. Assuming that Hyperview is being run from a shared folder on the local network, the batch file command to run Hyperview is:

start /D\\host\dbdoc-folder\programs\ \\host\dbdoc-folder\programs\hyperview_winsock.exe [options...]

The parameter


specifies the path to where hyperview_winsock.exe is located, where

  • \\host represents the name of the machine Hyperview is installed on
  • \dbdoc-folder\programs\ is the path to the shared folder containing the Hyperview executable, hyperview_winsock.exe.

Hyperview requires this parameter so that it can automatically load its built in application help files. If the parameter is omitted, the application help will not work.

  • Note that there is no space between /D and the start of the path
  • Note that spaces are forbidden in the /D path. If there are spaces in the path, you should convert the path to 8.3 form (use dir /x to get the 8.3 form of a file or directory name) for use in this parameter. For example,
\\host\Program Files\GMCL\DBDOC\PROGRAMS\

would need to be changed to


The /D parameter is followed by the regular command line for running Hyperview. If there are spaces in the path, the path can be enclosed in quotes.

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