Using Hyperview in a Browser

Using Hyperview in a Browser

Once a Hyperview Service is running, using Hyperview in a web browser is just a matter of going to the Hyperview website. Once you have logged in, you can browse a dbdoc file using an interface very similar to that of desktop Hyperview. You can search the dbdoc file, show live data, and make bookmarks. The Administrator user can create new accounts, and all users can change their passwords.

Hyperview website location

To view the Hyperview website, visit


where <host> is the machine that is running the Hyperview Service, and <port> is the port that it is using. For example,


To see what Hyperview Services are running on what ports, run the Hyperview Service Controller (requires Administrator privilege). You can also launch the Hyperview website from the Hyperview Service Controller interface.

Hyperview in a Browser functionality

Hyperview in a Browser supports a subset of desktop Hyperview functionality, including basic navigation, searching, and live data. This documentation will provide you with detailed information about all of Hyperview in a Browser's capabilities.

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