Table of Contents

Table of Contents


When you first start Hyperview, the Table of Contents is displayed in the index pane. This is a top level overview of all the resources built into your project. From the Table of Contents, you can navigate to any document, CAD/CLD diagram, graphic, or other resource in your system. You also have access to the tag and trend databases, many different indexes that DBDOC generates, and various reports and summaries that DBDOC generates as it is building your project. For more information on using the Table of Contents, see About panes in Hyperview.

Typical sections in the Table of Contents

The exact naming and ordering of the sections of the Table of Contents are determined when you build your project. Depending on the configuration and contents of your system, you will have different sections in your table of contents. Following is an overview of some the sections you may encounter.


Every project has a Databases section in the table of contents, where there are links to a system wide summary of tag usage, the tag databases, the trend databases, and the console configuration information.


Modules are represented in the index pane. Submenus provide access to specific areas of Modules in the system, such as the Module Block Map, the Module Block Index (all blocks used within a module), the Module Tag Index, the Module Reference Index, the Module Header and CAD Sheets.

Miscellaneous Indices

Miscellaneous Indices contains indexes that are more unique, such as PCU Map, Function Code Index, Index of Undefined Tags and Index of Unconfigured Graphics, and others.


There can be different Graphics sections in the index pane, such as Conductor NT Graphics, Operator Graphics, and Faceplate Graphics, among others.

Ladder Files

If your system has Ladder Logic programs there will be a Ladder Logic chapter in the Index Pane Table of Contents. It allows you to access all the Ladder Files in your system.


If your system has Batch Files there will be a Batch Files chapter in the Index Pane Table of Contents. It allows you to access all the Batch Files in your system.


Relevant documentation to DBDOC can also be found in Hyperview in the index pane. It can have headings such as Documentation Text, EWS Text, and EWS RTF Chapter.


If your system incorporates AutoCAD Files, they will be listed here in the index pane.

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