Checking if live data is available

Checking if live data is available

The best way to determine if live data is available is simply to start Hyperview and connect to CIUMon.

CIUMon Service Controller can also indicate whether your services can get data: In the "CIUMon Services" list, each service indicates its "Data Availability". In addition, there is a shape next to each running service that indicates whether data is available:

  • The shape is a circle if CIUMon is running as a service, and a square if it is running in a window. If CIUMon is not running, the shape does not appear.
  • The shape is green if CIUMon can get data, and red if it cannot.


  • In some cases, a relay or collector mode CIUMon might display a green shape if it has a good connection to the upstream CIUMon, but the upstream CIUMon can't provide data.
  • If you connect CIUMon to Harmony OPC Server, the shape will not turn green until you start getting data in Hyperview (even if CIUMon is properly connected). Once you start getting data, it will turn green.

If you have a process monitor, you can also look for the CIUMonWorking.exe process. This process will appear only if CIUMon is able to get data -- if CIUMon is disconnected or cannot get data, then CIUMonWorking.exe will exit within ten minutes.