Running the Hyperview Service Controller

Running the Hyperview Service Controller

The Hyperview Service Controller can be found in the Programs folder of a DBDOC 11.3 or later installation. It is called HyperviewServiceController.exe. Running Hyperview Service Controller with full functionality requires administrator privileges.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Hyperview Services should be run on the same machine as the project files they are serving. The Hyperview Service Controller will need to be run on this same machine too. This may mean that you run Hyperview Service Controller on your build machine, where there is local access to project files, or it may mean that you run it on the machine with the shared folder that your project files are copied to.

When the Hyperview Service Controller is first started, it will look like this:

Hyperview service controller blank.PNG

When services have been defined, they are listed in on the left.

Hyperview service controller list.PNG

You can create new services, modify existing services, start and stop services, and delete services. By default, once created, services will automatically restart when the machine they are on is rebooted, so you only need to start a service once. Each Hyperview Service will serve exactly one project file, which you must specify. You can, however, specify the project file name with wildcards in the same manner as on the command line, in order to server the most recent build of that project.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Even if you use "*" to denote the most recent build, the Hyperview Service must still be restarted in order to actually load the newest project file. It will not automatically detect that a new matching project file has appeared.

  • Hyperview Services: A list of currently configured Hyperview Services.
  • Add Service...: Opens a dialog for creating a new Hyperview Service.
  • Modify Service...: Opens a dialog for modifying the currently selected service in the Hyperview Services list.
  • Current service settings: Shows configuration details for the currently selected service in the Hyperview Services list.
  • Modify Logging Options...: Opens a dialog for configuring logging settings for the currently selected service.
  • Start Service: Starts the currently selected service.
  • Stop Service: Stops the currently selected service.
  • Launch Website: Launches a browser showing the Hyperview website for the currently selected service.
  • About: Shows version information for this Hyperview Service Controller.
  • Setup: Opens the Configure Hyperview Services dialog for general setup that pertains to all services.
  • Explore to Log Files: Opens the folder containing Hyperview Service Controller and Hyperview Service logs.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the Hyperview Services list.

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