Trip on fault (will trip on failure) [ERROR 147]

Trip on fault (will trip on failure) [ERROR 147]

Trip on fault: Module 1,01,02 Block 1001 (FC 79) has S4 zero (will trip on failure)

This message means that the value of the indicated specification will cause the module to trip if the slave has a fault.

The "trip" specification controls if the module / controller should fail over to the redundant processor if a hardware fault is found. If the trip spec is set to "trip on fault", the module will stop working. If it is set to "continue operation" on fault, the module will smoothly transfer control to the redundant module. This is the normal mode of operation.

Anytime an input / output function is found that is set to "trip on fault", it indicates that the system could be negatively impacted when it is not expected. You should make sure that there really is no redundant hardware present when you see this message.

AIS/FBS: Analog Input/Slave [FC132] has its own realities. In FC 132, the block is handled as a "chain" of three blocks, controlled by the specifications of the first block in the chain. Thus, any garbage value can be in S3 of a FC 132 block with no effect, unless that block is the first one in the chain (for FC 132 blocks, these messages will sometimes appear in the error filter file DBDOC-CHECK_AIS-FBS_TRIP_ON_FAULT.ERR).

This message is likely to show an error in the system configuration. It should be reviewed. The issue raised may be in unused logic or graphics, or have other realities that make it a non-issue.

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