Launching a new copy of Hyperview

Launching a new copy of Hyperview

On the File menu, click New Window (shortcut Ctrl+N)

This will launch another copy of Hyperview, open to the same M14 and topic you are currently viewing. The new copy of Hyperview will for the most part inherit the same command line parameters as the copy that launched it. Specifically, the following command line switches are inherited by the new window:

  • /update=xxx
  • /snapshot
  • /noopen
  • /noedit
  • /save=xxx
  • /monitoroff=xxx

Note that the document shown in the new Hyperview window will be the same as the document shown in the original Hyperview window, not whatever document may be specified on the command line.

Information-noshadow.png Note: This new copy of Hyperview is a new application window. Data such as bookmarks, annotations, live loop annotations, and Watch Window configuration and data are shared between between multiple copies of Hyperview.

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