Database-Graphics Association

Database-Graphics Association

This dialog may appear during the build if associations cannot be made using console.cfg files, or

On the Tools menu, click Project Options and navigate to the Database-Graphics Association tab, by clicking the tab or using Alt D.

Buildplus database graphics assoc.png

Any graphics or symbol paths that require association appear in the Graphics Path list at the top of the dialog. Symbols paths will be prefaced by "(Symbols)".

To associate databases with a graphics path:

  1. Click a graphics path in the Graphics Path list to select it.
  2. Select the correct tag and trend databases in the Tag Database and Trend Database lists. Multiple tag database selections can be made (click-and-drag, CTRL or SHIFT with mouse click) but only one trend database selection.
  3. Modify the "Description" (optional) for the Table of Contents entry that will appear in Hyperview.
  4. Click Add to List.

To view an existing association:

  • Expand the entry for the graphics path in the Final Selections list.

To edit an existing association:

  1. Select the graphics path in the Final Selections list.
  2. Click Edit Selection.
  3. Make the changes.
  4. Click Add to List.

Note that if this dialog was automatically launched during a build, it will time-out after 5 minutes of inactivity and

  1. Any user made associations in the final list will be retrieved and stored to the registry.
  2. Any graphics paths left unassociated at the timeout will have some automatic associations made:
    1. If a path was originally matched up with a console.cfg file, then the databases listed in the file will be used.
    2. If it is a symbols path, BuildPlus will look for a graphics path that uses that symbols path and use the databases specified for the graphics path.
    3. If it is a GLOBAL graphics path, BuildPlus will use databases in a console.cfg file that is in the same directory path as the global graphics.
    4. Use the first valid pair of tag and/or trend databases listed in the console.cfg files or the user made associations.
    5. Use the largest tag and/or trend databases that have been built.
  3. A message will displayed in the main message window stating that default associations have been made and the associations will be shown for the graphics paths that were done automatically.

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