Adding or modifying a Hyperview Service

Adding or modifying a Hyperview Service

In order to add a new Hyperview Service, press Add Service... on the main interface of the Hyperview Service Controller. The following dialog appears:

Hyperview service add.PNG

In order to add a service, you must specify a project file to serve, a Hyperview executable to run as a service, and the port on which the project file is to be served by the service.

  • Service Name: This is the name that will be given to the service. You will be able to see it in (for example), the Windows Services utility. The name is automatically generated from the project filename and port that you choose.
  • DBDOC File to Serve: This is the project file that is to be served by the Hyperview Service. Note that in general, the project file must be on the same machine as the Hyperview Service (i.e. the machine you are currently on). There are usually restrictions on allowing the Local System user (the virtual user that runs services) from accessing network filesystems. Moreover, for best performance, it makes sense to have only one network hop (the one between Hyperview in a Browser and the Hyperview Service) in the system.
  • Use Most Recent: If you check this box, this service will serve the most recent DBDOC build for the specified project. You should check this box if you build new project files regularly, and want to be serving the most recent one. Note that the Hyperview Service will need to be restarted in order to load up the newest project file. There is a command line interface for doing this, if you wish to incorporate it into your regular build process.
  • Hyperview Executable: This is the hyperview executable that will be acting as a service. A hyperview.exe from at least DBDOC 11.3 is required.
  • Service Startup Type: These are the options as to how the service should be handled when the machine restarts. The default, Automatic, causes the service to be automatically restarted if the machine reboots. Manual would mean that the service would not be automatically restarted -- you would need to restart it explicitly from the Hyperview Service Controller. Disabled means that the service cannot be started. There should be little reason to choose anything but Automatic here.

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