Getting live data through a firewall

Getting live data through a firewall

By default, CIUMon listens on port 5099. In order to connect to CIUMon from across a firewall, this port must be unblocked.

In a simple setup, each instance of Hyperview connects to CIUMon across the firewall.

To limit the number of connections that must be allowed through the firewall, CIUMon can be run in relay mode on a computer outside the firewall. The relay mode CIUMon connects to the main CIUMon through the firewall, and live data users connect to the relay mode CIUMon.

The live data users do not need connections through the firewall.

If your firewall rules require the upstream CIUMon to initiate all communications, you may use collector mode instead of relay mode. As in relay mode, CIUMon will send requests for data along to an upstream CIUMon, and pass back the responses. In collector mode, however, CIUMon does not initiate any communication with the upstream CIUMon; instead, it waits for that CIUMon to ask for requests.

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