Creating and managing bookmarks

Creating and managing bookmarks

On the main menu, click Bookmarks.

A panel appears that lets you configure add, modify, and delete bookmarks. Click on any bookmark in the Bookmarks: table to display it in the browser. You can also "export" the bookmark by clicking Show in Tab. This will open a new tab with the url to the bookmark in question.

Bookmark urls can copied to other browsers and machines, included in emails etc, and provide a convenient way to communicate a particular location in a DBDOC file.

Bhv bookmarks.png

  • Add Bookmark: Add the current browser contents as a bookmark.
  • Name: Specify the name for the bookmark to be added.
  • Bookmarks: Shows a list of all the bookmarks that have been added. Click on a bookmark entry to display it in the browser.
  • Show in Tab: Opens a new tab with the contents of the currently bookmark.
  • Edit: Modify the name of the currently selected bookmark. A text editor will open in place, in the table.
  • Delete: Delete the currently selected bookmark.

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