Source in same module [ERROR 157]

Source in same module [ERROR 157]

Source in same module: AI/I Reference Module 1,01,02 Block 1001 (Tagname) [Alias, Alias2]

This message means that an exception report input is being attempted from the local module. In INFI 90 Loop, this might cause an "NPMError" when the module is started. Since there was no error in Plant Loop, this has at times been a significant problem.


--Generating index: Module 1,34,02 Block Index
Source in same module DI/L Reference MM0310A Module 1,34,02 Block 3365 DOSING EAST MAIN CONTROL

No tool error reports 47.png

A bit of searching for block 3365 shows that the problem is that S1 should be 4, not 2. Module 1,34,04 Block 3365 is the intended source.

No tool error reports 48.jpg

This message is likely to show an error in the system configuration. It should be reviewed. The issue raised may be in unused logic or graphics, or have other realities that make it a non-issue.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.