Batch printing marked topics

Batch printing marked topics

If you are printing a number of marked topics, you will find it convenient to do so without needing to deal with a confirmation dialog for each file save. There are currently several methods for batch printing topics without individual file confirmation. Note that all these methods results in files printed to PDFs, not actual printouts.

DBDOC 10.7 and earlier

DBDOC 10.7 can batch print any combination of documents (graphics or text) using the Bullzip PDF Printer. To set this up, please use the following instructions:

  1. Install Bullzip PDF Printer. It can be obtained here:
  2. Open up Bullzip PDF Printer Options. You may have slightly different preferences, but the following is a workable starting point:

Bullzip Configuration

General tab

This is where you can specify the folder you want to save the PDFs in -- use the "..." for the File Name field and choose a folder.


Dialogs tab

This is where you are telling Bullzip to not show a confirmation dialog.


Actions tab

Here you could ask Bullzip to open the saved files or the folder containing them, but if there are a lot of files, you probably don't want to do this.


DBDOC 11.0 and later

Currently DBDOC 11.0 can only batch print graphical documents (CAD/CLD, graphics, AutoCADs, etc), not text documents, and you must choose either Microsoft Print to PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the printer, i.e. your documents will be printed to PDF, not the actual printer. You can then use many utilities to combine or print the PDF files, should you require actual printed documents.

If you print a single marked topic, the destination dialog box will be presented to you.

If you print multiple marked topics, the last destination will be used without prompting, on the assumption that you know where you look for the documents which Hyperview prints. If you have any question about where they went, just call for printing of a single topic (fast print "P" will do) and look at where it wants to put it. You will find your printed topics there.

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