Searching document titles for a topic

Searching document titles for a topic

On the Search Menu, click Search All Titles (shortcut Alt+T), or click the Tool search.jpg on the toolbar and select the Search All Titles tab.

The following dialog box to search through the document titles for a particular topic appears.

No tool search all titles window.png

  • Type a word: Enter a keyword to be used to be matched to the beginning of document title keywords.
  • As you enter characters, the Document Title text box displays the title that matches the characters typed so far. You may continue to enter characters to get closer to the desired keyword. Click the Go To button or press Enter at any time to go to the first topic shown in the Document Title list box. You may also select any topic in the list and click Go To, press Enter or double-click on it to go to the chosen topic.
  • Cancel button: Dismiss the dialog box.
  • Keep Open: Check this option if you wish to keep the dialog box open after going to a document rather than have it automatically close.

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