Licensing DBDOC

Licensing DBDOC

This section includes information on the number of documents that can be built, what to do when licensing expires, and licensing errors.The BuildPlus and CIUMon DBDOC programs require licensing. The trial period is 30 days from the first date you launch BuildPlus or CIUMon. After 30 days, you will need the Computer Key from GMCL to have full functionality of these programs.

To get your Computer Key:

  1. Start either CIUMon or BuildPlus.
  2. In the Help menu, click DBDOC License.
  3. Click the "Send E-mail" button, or copy and paste the Computer Code into your email program, and email it to GMCL will respond with your unique Computer Key.
  4. Enter the Computer Key from GMCL in the Computer Key box.
  5. Click Apply Key.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Computer codes are unique to the computer for which they are generated. A separate license is required for each computer with BuildPlus/CIUMon.

  • There is an unlimited duration license on purchase.
  • Users will typically need one license for each computer running BuildPlus/CIUMon (CIUMon will use the license information from BuildPlus if it resides in the same folder and vice-versa).
  • Running Hyperview to view your M14 file does not require a license.
  • Running CIULink to collect data from your system via CIUMon does not require a license.
  • BuildPlus and CIUMon share one license if they are installed in the same folder. Applying a computer key to one will unlock features on both.
  • The timestamp displayed may be one hour behind the actual time. This is a known bug.
  • Licensing was implemented to protect DBDOC software from unauthorized use.