Showing live data

Showing live data


Live data in Hyperview in a Browser is an extension of desktop Hyperview live data. The Hyperview Service, which is just a Hyperview application running as a web server, is what communicates directly with CIUMon to fetch live data. When Hyperview in a Browser requests live data, the request goes to Hyperview Service, which passes it on to CIUMon. From CIUMon's perspective, Hyperview Service is the same as any other Hyperview.

It is thus necessary that Hyperview Service be able to connect to CIUMon, but it is not necessary that the machine running the browser containing Hyperview in a Browser be able to connect to CIUMon, so long as it can connect to a Hyperview Service.

Live loop settings

Unlike in desktop Hyperview, live loop settings cannot be configured on the fly for Hyperview in a Browser or Hyperview Service. In order to get live data, live loop settings must be built into the project file. The Hyperview Service will automatically connect to the CIUMon(s) specified in the project file, and all Hyperviews in web browsers connected to this server will us these connections.

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