SEGCRM: Segment Control [FC82]

SEGCRM: Segment Control [FC82]


Spec Description
S1Segment attributes (see below)
S2Target period
Segment priority:
0 = lowest
S4Checkpoint period
S5PID normal/external reset
S6PID derivative gain (maximum)
S7Minimum exception report time
S8Maximum exception report time
S9Significant change (percent of span)
S10High/low alarm deadband reports (percent of span)
S11Deviation alarm deadband reports (percent of span)
S13Slave sampling period (seconds)
S14Cycle time alarm limit
S15Auto sequencing off/on

Format for S1

Segment attributes

0X Tune and modify allowed
1X No tuning allowed
2X Lock modify
3X Lock tune and modify
Target period time
X1 Seconds
X2 Minutes


Block Type Description
N Real Previous cycle elapsed time
N+1 Real Current cycle elapsed time
N+2 Real Processor utilization (percent)
N+3 Real Checkpoint overrun count
N+4 Real Cycle time overrun