If you'd like to see a demo of your own system, please contact GMCL.

DBDOC 11.2 Feature Update

These downloads offer additional features not available upon the initial release of DBDOC 11.2. See download page for more details.

Older DBDOC Versions

DBDOC 11.2.89686

An older version of the 11.2 release.

DBDOC 10.7

For older versions of Windows, you may wish to use DBDOC 10.7 instead, which is fully compatible for instance with Windows XP.

Rovisys OPC90 Server — Free Demo

Allows DBDOC to fetch 5-10 times more live data. Contact us for more information.

Downloads for 800xA Users

For all 800xA users, please see our documentation on building in 800xA Graphics.

For 800xA PG2 users, we have a new method for extracting PG2 graphics from 800xA systems, using tools from BBA, formerly Assistance Système LD.

Help Installer

Standalone installer for the DBDOC help file in case of problems.

Additional Documentation Materials

The DBDOC DVD ships with a number of presentations and other informational materials, which can be downloaded and installed on a computer with this kit. Essentially all of the materials contained in this kit are available on this website, but this may be useful for computers with limited or restricted internet access. Includes the DBDOC help file.

CrypKey Repair Kit

If you are having persistent problems with CrypKey (DBDOC's licensing server required to run CIUMon on DBDOC 10.7 and older) try running the CrypKey Repair Kit. Many CrypKey problems are caused by incomplete cleanup of previous versions and similar issues. The CrypKey Repair Kit will clean up previous CrypKey installations, and reinstall the correct components. Just download and run.

Source Code

GMCL makes extensive use of Free Software in the creation of DBDOC and other software products (including this website). Information is available in our license text, and more information alongside source code for GPL-licensed and other Free Software is available upon request.

For convenience, a non-exhaustive list of source code links: