What is DBDOC?

DBDOC builds a safe, read-only snapshot of your Harmony INFI 90® DCS system, presenting an integrated view of the configuration, graphics and databases, as well as other resources such as P&IDs, OSISoft PI®, AutoCAD®, and MicroStation® drawings and much more.

The DBDOC snapshot is an amazing interface for troubleshooting and analysis. Every document and resource is cross-linked. Navigate your system with the DBDOC Hyperview browser, our intuitive point and click interface. Powerful search capabilities give instant access to any part of your system. Built-in tools and analysis reports can help you eliminate common misconfigurations and improve your system.

DBDOC can fetch live data for any block in your system (even non-tagged blocks), and display it right on the relevant graphic or configuration drawing. Lightweight trending capabilities are built right into DBDOC to make it easy to collect, log, and analyze data.

G. Michaels Consulting Ltd.

GMCL is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and has specialized in providing custom upgrades and retrofits for process control systems across North America since 1974.

In 1996, an ABB INFI-90 user asked us if we could make software that could make his job easier. We responded by creating DBDOC. Since then, we have been constantly developing DBDOC with input from users in order to create the popular software it is today.

DBDOC is installed worldwide, currently used in over 300 sites on 5 continents.