DBDOC can integrate existing text and PDF documentation right into the system snapshot. You simply create a documentation folder and tell the Build Wizard its location. You can also build in archived error files to document fixes in your system.

DBDOC automatically links tag names mentioned in documentation into the system snapshot. This feature allows the creation of important documentation useful in the operation and support of the system with no extra effort on your part.

  • Alarm Documentation - Simply documenting an alarm tag with its name gets a link to it that people can look up easily. Mentioning associated tag names, graphics and other documents will give you links from the information about the alarm in question to other parts of the system.
  • Calculation Support - A simple document describing calculated values gives you a permanent record of how the values are calculated and the tags that are involved. This can serve you well when changes are contemplated by preventing the inadvertent elimination of tags that are in use in more or less obscure ways.
  • Logs and Reports - Creating a text / document form of data logs and reports that mention the tagname gives you instant documentation to assist in tracking down bad values.