Licensing DBDOC

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System Licensing

Unrestricted License

The unrestricted license is the licensing option typically chosen by our customers. This DBDOC license includes use of all DBDOC components needed to build and support the use of an INFI-90® system. We license a site for unrestricted number of users, and PCs.

The RoviSys® Turbo® Lite Server is licensed separately (see below).

Single-User License

A single user license is intended as an introduction to DBDOC, or for use with an application such as PI. Under the single-user license agreement, DBDOC is installed and available for use on a single PC.

The RoviSys® Turbo® Lite Server is licensed separately (see below).

Subscription - One-Year Licensing

For clients who are not sure how long their ABB® INFI 90® system will be in operation, we have a one-year licensing plan. Each year, a one-year license will be issued covering development and support for an amount that is 30% of the current capital cost each year.


Pricing is based on the size (number of documents) of the INFI-90®system(s) in use at the plant, and is typically quoted as a site license for the number of systems being licensed at that site.

Document count includes:

  1. The total of CAD sheets, graphics, batch (B90) files; plus Ladder files which count as 50 CAD sheets each)
  2. AD® and MicroStation® drawings
  3. TXT, and RTF files as appropriate.

The software will ship with a USB dongle (security key).

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Unrestricted License System Sizes
System Description Number of Documents
1 - Primary Fewer than 500
2 - Basic Up to 1000
3 - Small Up to 3000
4 - Medium Up to 5000
5 - Regular Up to 7,000
6 - Large Up to 10,000
7 - Major Up to 15,000
8 - Super More than 15,000

Single-User License System Sizes
System Description Number of Documents
9 - Single User 1 Up to 3000
10 - Single User 2 More than 3000

If the size or number of systems at a site increases after licensing, the license price will be adjusted accordingly.

Warranty and Updates

DBDOC is sold with a one-year warranty, which provides support, analysis and updates from GMCL that start at the beginning of the first month of purchase of the software by the client. Off-site support is included at no charge as part of the service. Following the first year of support, technical support and new versions are available annually by purchasing the DBDOC support and update (SU) service.

These services are included with your Support and Update Service agreement:

  1. Software Upgrades: We are always adding new features and new quality assurance checks to help you identify possible issues and to cross-check your system, as well as support for new versions of ABB software and Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  2. Unrestricted Technical Support: Have a question? Need help with a build? Send us an email at or give us a call toll-free at 1-866-438-2101 in USA/Canada, or +1 780-438-2101.
  3. New Personnel Support: When new people start working with DBDOC, we take the time to teach them and bring them up to speed.
  4. Basic Build Analysis: Send us your Error.7z file after a build for analysis. We can point you to possible issues in your system. Learn more about our build analysis...
  5. Advanced Build Analysis: If you wish to send us a copy of your system files, we can build it regularly and return insights on any possible issues we identify. Having your information on-hand also allows us to offer system analysis and issue identification superior to our basic build analysis.
  6. Feature Requests: We love to get feature requests. Tell us what you would like — maybe you'll see it in a future version of DBDOC.

RoviSys® Turbo® Server

RoviSys® Turbo® Server products are used to multiplex the CIU and for security. The following RoviSys Turbo family products are available through GMCL. Contact us for pricing information.

  1. Turbo Lite: allows up to 250 blocks, 2 clients, and 2 MUXCIU blocks.
  2. Turbo LitePlus: allows up to 500 blocks, 3 clients, and 3 MUXCIU blocks.
  3. Turbo LitePlus4: allows up to 1000 blocks, 4 clients, and 4 MUXCIU blocks.
  4. Turbo LitePlusU: allows up to 2000 blocks, 5 clients, and unlimited MUXCIU blocks.
  5. Turbo Standard: allows up to 5000 blocks, 6 clients, and unlimited MUXCIU blocks.
  6. Turbo Unlimited: allows an unlimited number of blocks*, clients, and MUXCIU blocks** (actual limits are number of blocks supported by the ABB CIU utilized and total number of available PC COM ports).
  7. RoviSys Turbo Server Software Upgrade: upgrades older RoviSys Turbo Server versions to support read only connections.
  8. RoviSys Turbo Year Maintenance Contract: Allows anytime download access to the latest server release. Contract customers are sent an email when new versions are released. The contract covers all servers purchased for a specific plant site.

* The actual limit is the number of blocks supported by the ABB® CIU being utilized.
** The actual limit is the total number of available PC COM ports.

Payment terms for DBDOC and RoviSys®

Payment terms are net 30 days. We accept VISA, MasterCard or company cheque. Our software can be downloaded from our website immediately, while a library copy DVD including additional resource material will be shipped via regular mail. If expedited shipping on the DVD copy is required, the courier charges will be added to the invoiced amount.