System Analysis

What is system analysis?

Reports and other extracted data are built right into the DBDOC system snapshot, making it easy to gets lots of reporting information with the click of your mouse. See specs right on documents and browse from a report directly to the relevant place in the configuration.

For example, our PCU Interaction Report lets you see which blocks are imported from and exported to PCUs in your system. You can find every block exported by a PCU before taking it out of service, and decouple parts of the plant by finding and addressing dependencies.

The graphical block map shows how every block in your system is used at a glance:

What about configuration errors?

DBDOC also indentifies hundreds of misconfigurations and potential issues, including:

DBDOC can report ambiguous non-error situations in your system that sometimes mask problems such as: extra wires, constant blocks in ladder logic, and unused tags.

These issues can be viewed, filtered, sorted and otherwiser interactively displayed in the Error Browser integrated into Hyperview. Errors can be flagged for extra attention, marked as reviewed, or hidden if they do not need to be addressed.

Even consult with our experts. After you've done a new build, you can email us your zipped files - we'll interpret the files and let you know if DBDOC has identified any potential problems in your system. Since we are constantly refining and expanding DBDOC's error checking capabilities, we strongly encourage our clients to send us a file at least once a year. The lastest DBDOC can detect system issues undetectable with earlier versions, and not checked by ABB tools.

There is much more Build Reports and Analysis information in Build Reports Help.

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Should I worry if DBDOC says there are lots of potential configuration errors?


The INFI-90 system forces you to leave things that are untidy because its redundancy precludes simple changes. This means that DBDOC finds many things that are of no real consequence to your operation. Most of the errors you'll see are untidy, but harmless. But some aren't so harmless, and this is where DBDOC can save you time, money and aggravation.

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What potential configuration errors does DBDOC look for?

DBDOC looks for hundreds of different error types (see also Should I worry if DBDOC says there are lots of potential configuration errors?).

The beauty of DBDOC is that once the system issues are identified, you can view them interactively in the integrated Error Browser, click to display them in DBDOC's Hyperview browser window, then use your ABB Tools to fix the problem.

See the complete documentation of system errors reported by DBDOC or scan the list below.

Contact us for more information on reporting and system analysis.

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How do I send files for analysis?

After a build, launch BuildPlus, and follow the following steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer, using (BuildPlus / Tools / Launch Windows Explorer).
  2. In the ERROR_FILES folder, find "Error.7z".
  3. Attach the file to an email and send it to, or use our uploads page.

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Why check for errors that are probably harmless?

Many of the errors we look for are not likely to be a direct functional error, but sometimes untidiness can lead to an error. Many of our users like to get an overall sense of how tidy their systems are. For example, DBDOC looks for adapt blocks that do not appear on the same page as the blocks they adapt. This is not a functional error, but most of our users want to correct that situation.

DBDOC gives you the information, you decide what to do with it.

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Can I do my own build analysis?

Yes! We have much more Build Reports and Analysis information in Build Reports Help. Browse through and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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