Using Database Selections for Taglist Exporter

Using Database Selections for Taglist Exporter

This dialog may appear during the build if CAD or Ladder files or 800xA graphics are present, or

On the Tools menu, click Project Options and navigate to the Taglist Exporter tab.

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The databases produced by taglist exporter exist to provide a unified set of tags for certain applications. These taglists can be checked against each other in systems where the tags are not generated by the EWS, but could diverge.

When a taglist is generated from Composer, WinCAD or DOS CADEWS, the records will have critical specs taken from the configuration. These specs include zero, span, EU index and Logic state index values that can be useful to applications such as OSISoft PI.

If your project includes any database files that could contain multiple tag and/or trend databases, BuildPlus can create a global taglist for each database file type. The database types this applies to include:

  • Composer systems databases (.EBP)
  • Relational databases for WinCAD systems (.PTT)
  • Generic databases (.DBF)

One global taglist will be created for each database file type.

Note: If you only have .MDB files, DBDOC will have extracted useful taglists for you in the EXPORTS and TAG\MDBn folders.

To omit an extracted database from the exported taglist, clear the checkbox beside it. To help you decide which databases to include, BuildPlus lists the following for each database:

  • The file the database was extracted from
  • The name of the extracted database
  • The type of database (tag or trend)
  • The number of records in the database

The exported taglists will be created each time you build your project. They will be created in the Exports subfolder of the project folder. For each database type, BuildPlus will create a text file listing the database files from which databases were exported, and a .dbf database file with the exported taglist.

Database file type Databases used list Exported database
Composer Composer.txt Composer_taglist.dbf
WinTools WinCAD.txt WinCAD_taglist.dbf
Generic databases (.DBF) Generic.txt Generic_taglist.dbf

Exported taglists could be used for:

  • the creation of a PI database, providing a foundation for working with all tags in a system
  • providing a master list of tags

The project folder also contains file taglist_exporter.err, which lists tags where values of fields are different in configuration compared to databases. Note that there are other tools which also create files in the Exports directory.

Check the Don't show this during the build again box to prevent the appearance of this dialog.

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