Substituting fonts in Hyperview

Substituting fonts in Hyperview

No tool user fonts window.png

The User Fonts option allows you to substitute one font for another in topics displayed in Hyperview. One reason you might want to do this is if characters are not displaying correctly in the default font, for example in the case of characters such as é, å, œ, ø, ö and so forth.

Using this dialog, you can make a simple font subsitution to improve the display of text.

Hyperview lists all the fonts currently being used to display the various documents built into the .M14. Select the one you want to replace, choose the font you want to replace it with from the combo box and click the Replace button. You will see that the new font name in place of the old one in the selected list. When you view your documents, the font(s) will have been replaced and, if you have chosen correctly, the text will now appear as it should.

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