Showing/hiding attributes

Showing/hiding attributes

On a CAD or CLD, attributes can be optionally displayed.

On the View Menu, click Attributes/Tag Names (shortcut A). By right-clicking in the content pane and selecting Attributes/Tag Names, the dropdown menu gives the options of Regular, Layered and Off, as well as Cycle Display Modes.

No tool specs menu.png

Regular: Displays Attributes for a particular block in plain text.

No tool show attributes 1.png

Layered: Displays Attributes for a particular block with a gray background.

No tool show attributes 2.png

Off: Turns the Attributes display off.

No tool show attributes 3.png

Cycle Display Modes: Cycles through the three display modes above (also can be done by pressing A).

DBDOC writes the tag name and tag description above a tagged block. Like display of specs, there is a view where the tag data is drawn directly on the sheet and a view where the tag data is drawn with a gray background. You can cycle through the views by pressing the 'A' key on your keyboard.

Information-noshadow.png Note: The tag name and description are drawn from the tag databases built with the project, not from attributes within the CAD files. There is no need to do a WinCAD tag synch before building your project.

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