Delaying the license check for CIUMon services

Delaying the license check for CIUMon services

Obsolete This page is obsolete. It has been replaced. It is here for reference, but should not be included in anything.

Do not update this page; find the replacement, and update that.

(There is no replacement. CrypKey is no longer used as of DBDOC 11.0.)

If you find that you can't get data after restarting your computer, but stopping and restarting the service does allow you to get data, you can try delaying CIUMon's license check.

Before delaying the license check, make sure that your service has not been prevented from starting when you reboot the computer.

You will not be able to get data from CIUMon until the license check has been completed. So if you delay the license check, you should wait a couple of minutes after restarting your computer before seeing if you are able to get data.

To make a CIUMon services wait before checking your license

This is available in the Global CIUMon Options area of CIUMon Service Controller. Alternatively, from CIUMon itself:

  1. Start CIUMon.
  2. On the Options menu, click Settings. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. In the Delay before performing CrypKey Licensing check on startup box, choose a reasonable amount of time for CIUMon to wait while your computer is starting up -- usually, 30 seconds should be sufficient.
  4. Click OK.

Information-noshadow.png Note: The delay before performing the CrypKey Licensing check will only apply to CIUMon services, so you will not see any delay when starting CIUMon manually.