Using Config Parser

Using Config Parser

Since Version 10.6.1, DBDOC has reported the specifications that make up the configuration of an INFI 90 system in "dmpcfg" text files. These files include the module type and specifications for function codes. We used these files to cross-check DBDOC handling of the CLD and CAD files, verifying that we handled the CLDs and CAD sheets the same as the ABB compilers Composer and WinCAD (and DOS CADEWS and SLAD).

The module .dmpcfg files compiled by DBDOC from the CLD sheets are saved in the project folder\EXPORTS\CFG folder. The most recently compiled WinCAD and Composer cfg files are located in the project folder\EXPORTS\EWS CFG folder. For comparison, .dmpcfg files are also archived in the dated ERROR_FILES folders.

CLIF blocks are supported with command line flag "/clif". For more information, contact GMCL.

It may be helpful to compare how the .dmpcfg files have changed over time, or to compare the .dmpcfg files in the CFG folder to those in the EWS CFG folder.

Example 1: Changes from Date to Date

This example shows the changes made in a module in the space of three months. Having them available like this will allow them to be cross-checked against the management of change documentation. The symbol "<" indicates the old value, with ">" showing the new blocks and specs.

Comparison of May 8 to Sept 14, 2016 - Module 6,50,05
< Block 531 FC80 S1=3646 S2=5 S3=3493 S4=5 S5=0 S6=5 S7=6.0 S8=0.4 S9=1.0 ...
> Block 531 FC80 S1=3646 S2=5 S3=3493 S4=5 S5=0 S6=5 S7=6.0 S8=5.0 S9=1.0 ...
< Block 796 FC30 S1=5 S2=0 S3=0.0 S4=250.0 S5=300.0 S6=-10.0 S7=0.1
> Block 796 FC30 S1=4706 S2=17 S3=0.0 S4=6.0 S5=10.0 S6=-1.0 S7=1.0

New blocks added:

> Block 4706 FC7 S1=4707 S2=0.115
> Block 4707 FC6 S1=1063 S2=2800 S3=0.0

Example 2: Mismatch Between CLD/CAD Files and the Module Load File

When a client changed a block type, the module no longer matched the CLD.

Dmpcfg example2.png

With DBDOC, from the file in the CFG folder, we have:

Block 8120 FC48 S1=9498 S2=16 S3=0.0 S4=50.0 S5=20.4 S6=-99.0 S7=1.0 S8=2.0 S9=2.0
Block 9498 FC96 S1=5 S2=1254 S3=9497 S4=9.223E+018 S5=9.223E+018 S6=9.223E+018

From the .CLD files (EWS CFG folder), we have:

Block 9499 FC177 S1=50.0 S2=0.0 S3=0.0 S4=9.223E+018 S5=-9.223E+018 S6=16 . . .
Block 9501 FC33 S1=9497

You can see that the module CFG file is consistent with what DBDOC presented. However, the blocks from the CLDs show what the client explained - the block was changed, resulting in the mismatch displayed.

Example 3: External Data Saved in CFG File

Some systems depend on external sources of important data being inserted into a module. The client saves the module so that the base values could be reloaded without a process upset. This image shows how the user now has a report on the dynamic values available, plus clear indication that downloading a compiled CFG file could be a disaster.

Dmpcfg example 3.png

The meaning of the WinMerge comparison is pretty clear. The blocks with non-zero values show what is in the module and saved to the .CFG file. The data would be suitable for analysis of changes over time, too.