User data files

User data files

Hyperview user data, such as annotations, bookmarks, and search history, in files in a hidden location. Usually you do not need to touch these files. However, there are some circumstances where you might need to handle them, such as to import someone else's annotations or bookmarks.

Finding user data files

On Windows XP, user files are in C:\Documents and Settings\<user_logon>\Application Data\GMCL\DBDOC

On Windows Vista/7/8/10, user files are in C:\Users\<user_logon>\AppData\Roaming\GMCL\DBDOC

You can use this shortcut to get to the logged-in user's files on any version of Windows: %APPDATA%\GMCL\DBDOC

Importing user data files

Some user data files can be imported by another user. The import merges the data in the files with the user's existing data.