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DT tag index nnnn not found

In INFI 90, a SODG graphic can be controlled either by the tagname or the tag index.

The latter method (tag index) is the only way for OIS 20 and MCS consoles to display graphics. For these graphics, the tag index MUST relate to an entry in the tag database that is meaningful. In those old systems, graphics could be cloned by directly changing the tag index, so that it was no longer related to the tagname in the graphic .DR (or symbol .DY) file. This resulted in many graphics and symbols with mismatched tag names and index values.

In the case of Conductor VMS, WinLDG (WinTools SODG graphics) and PCView / LAN90, the tagname is the correct key to what is displayed. In fact, in PCView / LAN90, the tag index has no meaning as a concept.

When tag index keyed versions of SODG graphics were upgraded, and the tagname did not match the tag index in the .DR or .DY file, some procedures blanked the tagname. From that point on, only the tag index was in the file to tell what tag to display at that position.

The tag index, however, is subject to reindexing. If this is done, any graphic using tag index only will be affected negatively.

Note, also, that even a few of these errors might show you that a serious problem exists. If index values are not correct for a few that come out here, it can mean that many more values are wrong. There is no message because the tag index points to a tag that exists, but that tag is no longer the correct one. Consider a simple example with tag index values 2 to 5000 in use. If the index values get corrected to be 1 to 4999, all graphics will have been broken.