Increasing drawing height [COSMETIC 023]

Increasing drawing height [COSMETIC 023]

Increasing height of drawing 1010904 to 2580

The sheet's border was too narrow. During DBDOC processing, we extend the CLD/CAD sheet to be big enough so that we can show all the drawing elements.

This message can mean that someone converted the WinCAD project to Composer without reconciling errors or printing the sheets. Composer might throw in a default border for them.

This is not an error, but you can probably find the border that DBDOC could not find for your next rebuild.

We also find that some users of Composer make a SPARE sheet on a CLD for blocks on that CLD that they no longer are using. They do not worry about making it pretty, as they intend to consolidate the spare blocks eventually.

This message shows a cosmetic issue that is probably not an error. It may be used to make the system tidier.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.