Running BuildPlus with command line switch /build

Running BuildPlus with command line switch /build

This switch performs a complete build of one specified project (starting with the .RAW file already generated by the Project Wizard).

To see how to use the /build switch to build your project

  1. Start BuildPlus and open the project that you would like to build.
  2. On the Help menu, click Command Line Help. The Command Line Help window appears.
  3. In this window, select the options you want for your build.
  4. Copy the command from the box in the Command Line Help window.

This command will start BuildPlus and automatically build your project with the options you selected.

  • To see this in action, close BuildPlus. Then, on the Windows Start menu, click Run. Paste the command into the Run window and click OK. BuildPlus will start up and build your project.
  • There are many ways to use this command. For example, you might set up a scheduled build, or configure a batch file to run a DBDOC build.
  • When using a shortcut, it may be necessary to open Shortcut properties, and under the Advanced tab, check Run as Administrator.

Details about using the /build switch

The basic syntax of the /build command is:



  • <INSTALLED_PROGRAM_LOCATION> would typically be the default "C:\Program Files (x86)\GMCL\DBDOC\Programs" (Note: the quotations are necessary because of the spaces in ‘Program Files (x86)’)
  • <BUILD DIRECTORY> refers to the build root, for example C:\DBDOC_BUILDS
  • <PROJECT_NAME> refers to the name of the project to be built, for example "Demo project"
  • <OTHER SWITCH> may be added to specify other options

For example, to build a project named "Demo project" in a build root C:\DBDOC_BUILDS, the command line would be:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\GMCL\DBDOC\Programs\BuildPlus.exe” /build “C:\DBDOC_BUILDS\Demo project”

By default, when using the switch /build:

  • during the build, only messages indicating errors are shown
  • at the end of the build, temporary files are cleaned up
  • the new project .dbdoc file is renamed to include the project name and build date
  • Hyperview is not launched to display the new project file

You can use additional switches to change these options, or to use programs from the Overrides directory. See Using other command line switches.

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