Project Files (.dbdoc)

Project Files (.dbdoc)

Every successful build produces a project file, with the extension .dbdoc. This is the file that Hyperview can open to view your project.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Project files built before 11.0 have the extension .M14. For more information, see About DBDOC project files (.dbdoc and .M14).

To open a project file from BuildPlus, on the Build menu, click View .DBDOC/.M14 Document, or click the Buildplus hvbutton.png button on the Toolbar.

  • If there is only one project file, Hyperview is launched to display it, or
  • A list of project files is displayed for the current project. When one project file is selected, Hyperview is launched to display it.
  • If you do not have a project open in BuildPlus, this option will be unavailable.

Alternatively, on the Tools menu, select Launch Hyperview

  • Hyperview will open the most recent project file, whether or not a project is open.

For more information, see Hyperview help.

A number of options are available within BuildPlus related to project files, such as archiving incomplete project files when a build fails or as listed below in See Also.

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