Missing LBR Report [INTERNAL 000]

Missing LBR Report [INTERNAL 000]

Missing LBR Report

This message says that a CLD/CAD sheet called for a user library that was not found. This is a cosmetic issue because no shapes are actually called from the library.

The message probably appears because the root path for the library location was used.

To make DBDOC use the user libraries located in the modules, start from the Wizard and mark the user library query as omitted. If you do this, then DBDOC uses the same rules as WinCAD – it looks in the module folder for the library requested, moving up the tree to the root. This will catch the libraries where the INFI 90 system compilation finds them.

This message shows an issue that the DBDOC build process did not handle. It can be reported to G. Michaels Consulting Ltd. in case it can be fixed.

Please contact us for help resolving your error messages.