Build Results

Build Results

Each time a project is successfully built, you will have

To explore to these files from BuildPlus:

  • On the Tools menu, click Launch Windows Explorer or click the Buildplus launch windows explorer.png button on the Toolbar.
This will launch Windows Explorer in:
  • your project directory, if a project is open
  • an existing BuildRoot, if a project is not open
  • C:\, if there are no BuildRoots

Files which can be accessed directly using BuildPlus Tools are documented below.

Checking extracted directory sources

The ComposerDir.txt file in the project directory, also accessed within BuildPlus from the Tools menu, by selecting Check Extracted Directory Sources.

When building a project which uses Composer or 800xA (formerly PPA) databases, BuildPlus (Decomposer) extracts the files from each database file into a folder in your project directory named DecomposerN or PPAN, where N is a number ("1" for the first database, "2" for the second, etc). This tool will list each Composer or 800xA database file used in the current project with its corresponding Decomposer or PPA (800xA) directory.

Displaying project settings and selections

The UserSelections.txt file in the project directory displays the build information for a project.

  • to check which files were included in a build
  • to see the numbers of fields and records in each extracted database
  • to duplicate a project starting from System File Specifications, for example on another machine (although it may be easier to Export Project and Import Project).

This file may be easily examined from BuildPlus using the Tools menu, and selecting Display Project Settings and Selections

  • Enter the full path to the project, browse to the project, or choose to Display Settings for Currently Open Project.

Buildplus displaysettings.png

  • The Project Settings and Selections will be displayed, and can be saved to another file if you choose. The default filename will be <project_name>.TXT located in your build directory but you may specify any name or location for your file.

Buildplus displaysettingsresult.png

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