Changing how project files will be named (Build Root option)

Changing how project files will be named (Build Root option)

On the Tools menu, click BuildRoot Options.

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Automatic rename of Snapshot.dbdoc

When unchecked, new project files will be named Snapshot.dbdoc when built. New builds will overwrite older ones. When checked, .dbdoc files will be automatically renamed at the end of each build so that they will not be overwritten by future builds. The default is to rename the file to <Project_name>_<Build_date>.dbdoc.

Omit Project Name (use build date only): With the main renaming option checked, you can choose to leave off the <project_name> and use only the date in the file name.

Use Hyperlink version in name: If you are building with different versions of the DBDOC programs, you may want to indicate in the project file name which version of Hyperlink was used to build it. This will help to clarify which features/fixes were built into that .dbdoc file when switching between different Hyperlink versions.

Select the date format: This option changes the date format used in the file names.

Default: automatic rename on, with project name and build date but no Hyperlink version

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