CIUMon: Connecting DBDOC to a CIU

CIUMon: Connecting DBDOC to a CIU

With a connection to your CIU, Hyperview can:

  • display current values on CAD sheets and graphics
  • display selected block values in annotations on any document
  • track selected block values and graph them
  • display the status of selected modules
  • display values from any part of your system with a connection to a CIU on any loop

Hyperview gets live data through CIUMon. CIUMon handles all communication with the CIU. It provides live data over your network, and can provide live data to multiple users at the same time.

CIUMon cannot provide live data from a PI system, although information about your PI system can be included in your project.

Please call us for help setting up live data.

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