Some of the error types in this file have been converted to be displayed in the Error Browser, and are documented at the links below:

The error types in this file that have not yet been converted are documented here:

This message means that a block has been found that has no input attached to it. You normally can ignore it.

Depending on the module firmware revision, it is possible that the configuration will compile cleanly, but will not run when it is loaded into the module.

We have seen that this condition can be caused in WinCAD and DOS CADEWS by connecting a source to a F(x) block, then deleting the line. The result is that S1 has a value 0. Composer restores the value to 5.

Module 1,17,31 Block 25997 FC 66 does not have a wired input
Module 22,10,31 Block 22203 FC 1 does not have an input
Module 1,01,31 Block 22783 FC 1 has no wired input, static input from block 0 (should be 5)
Module 6,18,31 Block 21793 FC 179 does not have a wired input