Hyperview in a Browser

Hyperview in a Browser


New in DBDOC 11.3 is the beta version of Hyperview in a Browser. Hyperview in a Browser is a new version of Hyperview that allows you to access basic Hyperview functionality in a web browser, with a touch-friendly interface suitable for tablets.

If you have wifi in your environment, use Hyperview in a Browser on a tablet for the following:

  • Monitor configuration and values during commissioning and checkout.
  • Use Hyperview on a tablet as a mobile maintenance and troubleshooting tool. Verify the field functionality against the running configuration.
  • During installation checkout, verify wiring against drawings on the tablet.

and as a general tool to keep DBDOC and access to live data close by.

Platform/Browser compatibility

Hyperview in a Browser has been tested in Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, and should work in versions of these browsers dating back to October 2017. In order to use Hyperview in a Browser, you just go to a certain website and log into your Hyperview in a Browser account. A subset of Hyperview functionality is supported in Hyperview in a Browser, including basic navigation, live data, full text and title search, and more.

Below you can see Hyperview in a Browser running in an Edge web browser.

Browser hyperview overview.png

Setting up a Hyperview Service

In order to use Hyperview in a Browser, you must use the Hyperview Service Controller to start a Hyperview Service.

Managing user accounts

An account is required to access a Hyperview website. Learn more making and managing Hyperview in a Browser accounts.

Hyperview in a Browser

Hyperview in a Browser supports a subset of desktop Hyperview functionality. The first version of Hyperview in a Browser implements the most critical Hyperview capabilities: basic navigation, live data, and searching. The following documentation provides detailed information about Hyperview in a Browser's capabilities.