Installing the CIUMon online data server

Installing the CIUMon online data server

Installation of CIUMon

Use the CIUMon online data server to connect DBDOC to your CIU and view live data. To install the CIUMon online data server

  1. Choose a CIUMon computer. This computer should run a supported operating system, and should connect to a CIU. You can use RoviSys Turbo to share a CIU between DBDOC and another program like Composer.
  2. Log on with an administrator account.
  3. Run the CIUMon installer. Via the DVD Autorun wizard, simply choose "CIUMon only" on the Component selection page. You can also contact us to download this kit, or if you have previously installed DBDOC via the DVD you can find the CIUMon kits in the DBDOC\PROGRAMS\CIUMon subfolder of the DBDOC installation on your BuildPlus computer.
    Information-noshadow.png Note: If you use the included virtual serial ports, you may need to restart your computer to complete the installation.
    Information-noshadow.png Note: For Windows 2000, you must instead use CIUMON_W2K_Kit.exe; and for Windows NT 4.0, use CIUMON_NT4_Kit.exe. Please contact GMCL for installation help.

Privileges and Setup

You will need administrator privileges to use the CIUMon online data server.

For information about setting up CIUMon to connect to your CIU and view live data, see Setting up CIUMon.

Installing more than one CIUMon

It is also not uncommon to run more than one CIUMon data server on different machines. For example, one CIUMon may be connected to the CIU on a particular loop, and another to a Serial Port Module, or a CIU on a different loop. A CIUMon server might also be installed on an intermediate LAN in order to allow data to be transferred from the DCS LAN to the business LAN in a NERC compliant manner.