Segment control block auto-sequencing enabled [INFO 302]

Segment control block auto-sequencing enabled [INFO 302]

Segment Control Block Module 197,23,03 Block 1234 S15=1 has auto-sequencing enabled

Function blocks will not be executed in block number order.

The Function Code User Manual says:

(Auto sequencing signal: 0 = off, 1 = on) If this specification equals one, the module finds and saves the most logical execution order of the function blocks and will execute them in that order, despite block numbers. Auto sequencing helps prevent loopbacks. Loopbacks occur when a block requires the output of a higher numbered block to complete its execution. The segment must then go through two or more execution cycles before the output of the first block is correct. If the auto sequencing function is off (zero), blocks are executed in ascending numerical order.

This message reports system information that is otherwise difficult or impossible to find.

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