Installing DBDOC

Installing DBDOC

Welcome to DBDOC!

Use these instructions if you are installing DBDOC for the first time. If you are updating an existing DBDOC installation, see Updating your DBDOC installation.

If this is your first time using DBDOC, please contact GMCL. DBDOC is a powerful tool with many options and we strongly encourage you to let us guide you through configuring DBDOC for your system.

Contact us with any questions or installation problems and we will be happy to advise you over the phone.

The DBDOC system consists of a number of different applications which are all installed together when you do a DBDOC installation.

About basic DBDOC system installation

The major components of the DBDOC system are:

  1. BuildPlus, the DBDOC interactive build system that guides you through the build process.
  2. Hyperview, the DBDOC browser, used to view the system snapshot.
  3. CIUMon, the server which fetches live system data from your CIU, Serial Port Module, or RoviSys Turbo and delivers it to Hyperview or CIULink.
  4. CIULink, a simple tool for collecting data on groups of blocks in your system (not to be confused with the Watch Window which has similar functionality, but also trends the data. Watch Window is part of Hyperview).

Normally the build system is installed in one location accessible to the DBDOC adminstrator. The Hyperview browser is installed in a central location accessible via a shared filesystem to multiple Hyperview users. One or more copies of the CIUMon live data server may be installed on various EWS machines that have CIU, serial port module, or RoviSys Turbo connections, and are accessible over the network to Hyperview users.

  1. For instructions on installing the DBDOC build system, see Installing the DBDOC build system
  2. For instructions on installing CIUMon, see Installing the CIUMon online data server
  3. For instructions on how to share Hyperview with multiple users, see Sharing Hyperview and project files over a network
  4. For instructions on installing Hyperview on a stand-alone computer, see Installing Hyperview on an individual computer
  5. For instructions on installing support for 800xA graphics, see Installing the Assyst tools for extraction of 800xA_graphics. If you have old VB graphics still on your system, also see Installing the 800xA DLLs for Hyperview support of 800xA graphics.
  6. For instructions on installing the DBDOC demo, see Installing the DBDOC Demo