Managing Project Files and Locating Original Documents

Managing Project Files and Locating Original Documents

DBDOC builds a snapshot of your system which is kept in a project file, with the extension .dbdoc. Using Hyperview, you can browse this system representation, trace signals, and even view live data.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Before 11.0, project files had the extension .M14. For more information, see About DBDOC project files (.dbdoc and .M14).

It is easy to set up Hyperview so that the most recent project file is automatically opened when you start Hyperview.

If the name of the project as stored in the project file was changed during a build, you will need to import the user data associated with the project under its previous name. Hyperview will warn you if this situation occurs, and help you import the user data.

Information-noshadow.png Note: The project name is not usually the same as the name of the dbdoc file. Hyperview uses the internal project name to find user data files, but the name of the dbdoc file can be changed without affecting Hyperview or the project itself.

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