EXEXEC MFC/P: Extended Executive [FC90]

EXEXEC MFC/P: Extended Executive [FC90]


Spec Description
S1Configuration lockout
S2Base slave sampling period (seconds)
S3SAC/DCS interface link and configuration redundancy (see below)
S4Start-up time (seconds)
S5Logic station poll rate (seconds)
S6SOE monitor time synchronization

Format for S3

Redundancy and SAC/DAS Link

XXXX0No redundancy
XXX0XSlave trip error mode (FC32)
XXX1XSlave trip halt
XX0XXDCS/SAC link (5kbaud)
XX1XXSAC link (40kbaud)
X0XXXSerial port RS-232 mode
X1XXXRS-485 mode
0XXXXExpander bus only


Block Type Description
20 Real Current hour
21 Real Current minute
22 Real Current second
23 Bit
Time/date synchronization:
0 = invalid
1 = valid
24 Real Current year (0 - 99)
25 Real Current month (0 to 12)
26 Real Current day (1 to 31)
27 Real
Current day of week (1 - 7)
Sunday = 1
28 Real Reserved
29 Real Reserved