Copying text from Hyperview to the clipboard

Copying text from Hyperview to the clipboard

On the Edit Menu, click Copy Selection (shortcut Ctrl+C). This can also be accomplished by right-clicking in the Hyperview browser.

The Copy Selection menu item copies selected text to the clipboard for use in other Windows® applications.

Information-noshadow.png Note: This option is disabled when the index pane is in focus and treeview mode is enabled.

On text documents

If text is selected on a text document, right-clicking anywhere on the document will enable copying it or searching for it. If text is not selected, only the word directly under the mouse will be copied. If the string in question is short, you will see it in the right-click menu.


If the string is long, it will be shown in the right-click menu in shortened form.

Information-noshadow.png Note: You can automatically search for a selected term or a word under the mouse by right-clicking and choosing Help from the context menu. See Searching Hyperview help for more information.

How to select text on text documents

You can select text by pointing the mouse cursor to the start of the desired text and pressing the left mouse button. Keep the mouse button depressed, drag the mouse cursor down to the end of the desired text and release the mouse button. The selected text will be highlighted in inverse colours.

To select text that extends beyond the bottom of the window, drag the mouse cursor beyond the bottom of the window, and the window will auto-scroll. Note that it isn’t possible to start a selection within text that has been marked as a hyperlink. To select hyperlinked text, start your selection before the hyperlinked text.

Once text has been selected, use this option or Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copy the text. And if you wish to paste the copied text, place the mouse where you want the text to go, click once to put the text cursor in that spot, and then push Ctrl+V.

On graphics and CAD/CLDs

On non-text documents, such as graphics and CAD/CLDs, text cannot be selected. However, you can still copy (or search for) text by right-clicking on it directly.


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