Running buildalls with command line switch /buildall

Running buildalls with command line switch /buildall

This switch builds all the projects in some or all of your BuildRoots. A buildall log is written in the build root's LOG folder.

The basic syntax of the /build command is:



  • <INSTALLED_PROGRAM_LOCATION> would typically be the default "C:\Program Files (x86)\GMCL\DBDOC\Programs" (Note: the quotations are necessary because of the space in ‘Program Files’)
  • <BUILD DIRECTORY> refers to the BuildRoot, for example C:\DBDOC_BUILDS (If you do not specify one or more BuildRoots, all of the projects in all of your BuildRoots will be built.)
  • <OTHER SWITCH> may be added to specify other options


To build all projects in all BuildRoots:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\GMCL\DBDOC\Programs\BuildPlus.exe" /buildall

To build all projects in the BuildRoots "C:\DBDOC_BUILDS" and "C:\TEST_BUILDS":

"C:\Program Files (x86)\GMCL\DBDOC\Programs\BuildPlus.exe" /buildall "C:\DBDOC_BUILDS","C:\TEST_BUILDS"

A buildall can be paused using the BuildPlus toolbar button Buildplus pause buildall.png. This will stop the buildall after the current project is finished, so you can update hyperlink and other executable files (but BuildPlus must be closed to update BuildPlus).

By default, when using the switch /buildall:

  • BuildPlus is minimized, and will close when all builds are completed
  • during the build, only messages indicating errors are shown
  • at the end of the build, temporary files are cleaned up
  • the new project .dbdoc files are renamed to include the project names and build dates
  • Hyperview is not launched to display the new project files

You can use additional switches to change these options, to run Management of Change (MOC) processing, or to use programs from the Overrides directory. It is also possible to start the build partway through the buildroot list, or exclude certain projects. See Using other command line switches.

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