About panes in Hyperview

About panes in Hyperview

There are two panes in Hyperview:

  • Index Pane
  • Content Pane

The Index Pane shows multiple topics in list form, with hyperlinks. In general, selecting a topic in the Index Pane will cause the associated document to appear in the Content Pane. Clicking on a hotspot in the Content Pane, will cause all uses of that item to apear in the Index Pane. Whichever pane is being used or "active" is highlighted (in pink by default setting). You can also view just the content pane in full screen mode. The pane orientation in the browser can easily be switched from a horizontal to a vertical layout.

The default contents of the index pane is the Table of Contents. You can also set the default contents of the index and contents panes to whatever topics you choose.

Both the index and content panes can display not only documents from your system, but also a wide variety of special indexes and reports generated by DBDOC. See the Table of Contents chapter for an overview of these.

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