Connection wired in drawing only [INTERNAL 171]

Connection wired in drawing only [INTERNAL 171]

Wired in drawing only: Module 1,01,02 Block 1001 wired to Module 1,01,02 Block 1005 S5

We have found a situation in the Composer wiring tables we cannot reconcile.


Red wire connection from ALH.png

Note that DBDOC has drawn the missing connection in red. Examples we have found so far involve lines that have a connector on the end of an input arrow, or that have an output directly connected to an input with no line connecting them.

Composer wiring problem: references with downstream connections never got a block source
Wired in drawing only: Module 50,155,02 Block 20050 wired to Module 50,155,02 Block 20051 S1
Wired in Composer only: Module 2,05,02 Block 20130 wired to Module 2,05,02 Block 20089 S2
Reference TRIP CONTACT?: 3

This message shows an issue that the DBDOC build process did not handle. It can be reported to G. Michaels Consulting Ltd. in case it can be fixed.

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