Building in PPB graphics

Building in PPB graphics

1. Extract your database(s)

Process Portal B (PPB) systems export

  • an Operate IT Harmony Tag Export .mdb file, containing Loop, PCU, Module and Block for INFI90 tags, and
  • an XML export file, which will add other tags like OPC-sourced ones.

We first recommend you extract your Operate IT database or do an XML export to ensure that the databases are as current as the graphics.

2. Add your database(s) to BuildPlus

Add the database(s) to your project's specifications; if this is a new project then the system file specifications will be the first dialog window opened, otherwise you should restart the build from the Go button or from Build->System File Specifications.

3. Add your graphics to the BuildPlus Wizard

Proceed through your build until you reach the configuration wizard, and mark the checkbox for Process Portal B graphics, and you may select any other files to be included in the build..

4. Confirm Console Associations

When the "Conductor NT/PPB Console Associations" query appears, choose Yes (or from the Tools menu, select Conductor NT/PPB Console Associations...) and confirm the associations between databases and graphics for each console. Choose the .MDB and .XML databases, but not other databases like Composer (.ebp).